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Maintenance Plans

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Like all things in life, it is less expensive to prevent a problem from happening than fixing the problem once it occurs. Do you really want to be in the dead of summer and have your air conditioner break down, when the cause could have been prevented with a simple system check?

Air Conditioning Maintenance Facts

1. Over 80% of all air conditioner repairs could have been prevented with routine maintenance.
2. Air conditioners degrade anywhere from 1% to 3% per year.
3. When your air conditioner starts to degrade, your system will work harder to produce the same result. This means that your electric bills will be higher than normal.
4. Studies from utility companies indicate that Preventative Maintenance more than pays for itself in energy savings!

When your air conditioner starts to degrade, your system will work harder to produce the same result. This means that your electric bills will be higher than normal. Maintaining your air conditioner and heater reduces its degradation rate and allows your equipment to run better and closer to its original condition at a lower cost to you.

Maintenance Plans Terms and Conditions

Except for the economy plan units must be within 10 years of age from the date of original installation or verified by the serial number on the unit.
1. All units must have a readable model and serial number.
2. All units must be fully operational and are subject to inspection before agreement takes effect.
3. Parts: All parts are subject to the availability from the local distributor and manufacturer of equipment or parts.
4. Does not include and not limited to ducts, home electrical wiring, water lines, drains (except condensate drain where accessible), heat exchangers, compressors, and sealed system repairs, any preexisting conditions unforeseen at time of inspection, water damage, power surges or outages, unoccupied dwellings, obsolete equipment, damages to equipment or property for to causes beyond V.H.C control, owner/operator negligence, vandalism, rust or corrosion, animal or insect infestation, and acts of nature.
5. Not responsible for damages to customer’s property, building, driveways due to equipment malfunctions that is not directly caused by V.H.C.  
6. Customer responsible for all state, local and mechanical code corrections.
7. Agreement renewal each year is automatic and will take effect when the annual tune up is preformed.
8. This agreement does not guarantee emergency service after hours, weekends or holidays. V.H.C will make reasonable attempts to service all customers within 24 hours from time of service call.
9. Non-covered parts and repairs will be discounted 20%.
10. This agreement is not transferable unless authorized by V.H.C
11. Safety: In the event that V.H.C determines that the covered product cannot be serviced due to poor accessibility or unsafe conditions or that the product cannot be restored to safe working conditions due to beyond the scope of this agreement, such as but not limited to, code violation, improper installation and use of equipment, equipment failure,  not operating the equipment according to the manufacturers recommendation, V.H.C shall not be required to proceed until you remedy the applicable cause.
12. The customer shall be solely responsible for any tank and or oil line leakage and any clean-up, removal, remedial action, or other cost or compliance with any environmental, federal, state or local statutes or regulations or requirements of common law. The customer shall indemnify and hold V.H.C harmless from and against any loss, cost, expense, damage or liability and from all court cost, attorney’s fees and any other expense paid or incurred by, or imposed upon, V.H.C as a result of, any bodily injury or property damage arising out of the disposal, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of oil or other petroleum products or derivatives into or upon the customers property, surrounding properties, the atmosphere, or any body of water, unless caused by the sole negligence of V.H.C, and in no event shall V.H.C liability for any such damages exceed $1,000.00.
13. Payment Terms: All payments are due upon acceptance of this agreement or 15 days from invoice date. In the event said charges are not paid when due, the customer agrees to pay a service fee of 1 ½% per month, which is an 18% annual percentage rate and will be charged on an average daily balance on any account past due over 30 days.
14. Service Hours: As a priority customer you will receive service within 24 hours. Normal hours are Monday through Saturday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.. Any calls received after normal hours will be scheduled the next business day. In the event of after hour’s service on Sundays or holidays; the service call will be subject to a $100.00 emergency service fee.
15. By submitting payment to V.H.C the customer agrees to all terms of this agreement. In the event the terms of this agreement changes in the future the terms and conditions of the new changes apply.
16. If V.H.C determines that a repair is needed that is not covered by this agreement and the customer refuses not to make necessary repairs all future calls related to that repair will not be covered by this agreement.
17. This agreement may be terminated by V.H.C at any time due to poor equipment or excessive service.

Please mail copy with payment and keep copy for your records.